About Us


After spending 2 years working in the Textile Industry, the founders of Numaishfashion.com Mr. Naimish Chodvadiya concluded that the internet was fast becoming a destination of choice for many customers. The formation of the company takes advantage of the extensive experience of the Team, who have a wealth of knowledge of the Women’s Designer Clothes. Our premium quality operating model allows Numaishfashion.com to offer the best Clothes & Fabrics in the online market for premium customers. Join us on this wonderful journey and take home the most beautiful of sarees, the nine yards of elegance and opulence, which are as special as they are beautiful. Handpicked, these sarees are vivid examples of what we were and what we continue to be.

Every Numaishfashion.com product has a special journey as well and many of the products take weeks of dedicated work and immense craftsmanship before they are ready. The process of weaving every saree is a celebration of centuries of tradition and the authenticity of Indian arts and every Numaish Queen who embraces Numaish carries the love, magic, and beauty that truly shine through.