DP – RM 1 – PROP – JM 13

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Sales Package – Traditional Gold Plated Glorious Hand Meena 30 inch Long and 18 Inch Short Daily Wear Mangalsutra Tanmaniya for Women. ‘Mangalsutra’ – The Mark of Marriage ‘Mangal’ implies auspicious and ‘sutra’ denotes thread, both making the most significant symbol of marital bliss called ‘Mangalsutra’. Mangalsutra is an ornament of a woman denoting her marital status. We at Mk Hub modernised the traditional form of Mangalsutra to suit the modern woman and to glamorize your contemporary look. We at MkHub design Mangalsutras that can be worn as statement necklaces. Our jewelry is designed with fine craftsmanship and dedication to meet high expectations. Renew your life with the promise to make her your life!!!!Let your love knows the importance of the commitment, trust and real bond with numaish Mangalsutra.

Country of Origin : India


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Weight 0.004 g
Dimensions 11 × 11 × 4 cm


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